Important notice – Trading Restrictions

Dear Client,

We would like to inform you that, in view of the latest sanctions adopted by the Swiss Federal Council in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Yuh Ltd. (“Yuh”) will no longer be authorised to provide you with any services relating to crypto-assets if the total value of your crypto-assets with Yuh exceeds 10’000 CHF

As a result, Yuh has to impose the following measures:

Effective immediately, all buy orders on crypto-assets will be rejected (this does not apply to sell orders).

As soon as possible, or otherwise by 10 May 2022 at the latest, if the total value of your crypto-assets exceeds 10’000 CHF, you will have to reduce the total value of your crypto-assets to a total amount inferior to 10’000 CHF. If the total value or your crypto-assets exceeds 10’000 CHF by the end of 10 May 2022, Yuh will sell part of your crypto-assets to bring the total value of your crypto-assets under 10’000 CHF. In that context, Yuh will decide at its own discretion which of your crypto-assets will be sold, the timing of such transactions and the amount of crypto-assets sold in order to ensure a certain leeway compared to the 10’000 CHF threshold. We draw your attention to the fact that Yuh might have to sell certain crypto-assets at a price that is unfavourable for you. In such a case, neither Yuh, nor any of its employees shall be liable for any damages incurred.

If the total value of your crypto-assets is lower than 10’000 CHF, or by the time that is the case, you must make sure that such total will never exceed the 10’000 CHF threshold by taking similar measures as described above. Considering the volatility of the crypto-assets, it is advisable to keep the total value of your crypto-assets far from the threshold of 10’000 CHF.

We would like to point out that we have a legal obligation to implement these sanctions, and we thank you for your understanding. Should you have any further questions or comments regarding this matter, feel free to contact us.
Warmest regards,

The Yuh Crew