Time to (f)influence

Do you have a soft spot for finance and thrive on turning your passion into profit? Then maybe you’ve got what it takes to become our next affiliate partner.

Open questions? Ask openly!

Who can become an affiliate with Yuh?

To become a Yuh affiliate you need to have an online presence that’s as significant as a bright neon sign on a quiet street. Basically, you should be able to turn heads online and lead a crowd that will listen to you when you speak (or post).

How do I sign up for your affiliate programme?

To sign up for our affiliate programme, you need to click on that «Register» link. Next, you’ll see a form that we need you to fill out like you mean it. Half-filled forms are like half-baked cakes: we don’t consider them.

When will I hear back from you about my participation?

You can expect to hear back from us asap – once we’ve had a good look at your documents. So keep an eye on your inbox!

What rewards do you offer for affiliates?

We’ll tell you all about rewards and commissions before we seal the deal, and prior to your admission and final registration.

When are affiliate commissions paid?

You’ll receive your rewards on a quarterly basis. So every three months it will feel a bit like Christmas and your birthday all at the same time…

Do I need to send you an invoice for the commission?

We’re keeping it simple. We don’t need an invoice, just an IBAN from your bank so we can transfer your commission.

How do I get access to creative assets to promote Yuh?

Once you’ve officially joined, we’ll give you our branding toolkit. And that’s a bit like your own magic hat, filled with not just one rabbit, but an endless supply of creative bunnies.

What information is provided as part of the reporting and how often is the reporting sent out?

We spill (or count) the beans every month! Your report will include the number of account openings with your personal promotion code.

Do I have to be based in Switzerland to participate?

Yuh is purely Swiss at the moment, so yes, you need to have your feet firmly planted in Switzerland and publish Swiss content for Swiss people.

Can I promote any type of product?

Well, you can’t promote your mum’s Thermomix, but you can promote anything else published on our official website. Remember to play nice: stick to the truth, stay friendly and don’t post any illegal information. You can always send your content to partnerships.yuh@yuh.com for approval.

I have a question that is not listed here, how can I contact your team?

Sure! Just shoot us an email at partnerships.yuh@yuh.com