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Is Yuh a swiss bank?

Truly a profound spirtual enquiry: what is any of us? Aren’t we all, each and every single one of us, deep within our hearts and souls, a bank? This is indeed a shrewd question for greater and wiser minds than ours.

Okay, enough of the metaphysical stuff. Here’s the deal: Yuh is the result of a joint venture between two renowned Swiss financial institutions: Swissquote and PostFinance. Yuh itself is not a bank. The banking and financial services offered in the Yuh app are provided by Swissquote, which is authorised by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. In this framework, you benefit from all the protections provided by the Swiss banking law and other Swiss financial laws, including the 100’000 CHF protection in case of bankruptcy, and banking secrecy. Our focus is to offer affordable services packed into a convenient mobile app. And also to tell you that we think you’re just great.

How much does Yuh charge in fees?

Yuh charges no fees whenever possible, and low fees when necessary. In all cases, you can rely on full transparency. Check out our pricing list here.

Which investment products can I trade with Yuh?

We offer a broad selection of the most sought-after investment products: shares, ETFs and Trending Themes. Discover all of them here.

How do I get the free Yuh Mastercard?

You can activate and use your virtual card in the app under Pay > Card and add it to your preferred mobile payment methods. Are you more of a physical card type? Stay in Pay > Card and swipe until the physical card appears. Order it and it’ll be on your doorstep within 10 working days.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Step 1: DON’T PANIC! We’re here for you. If you discover that your card has disappeared or been stolen, you can put a temporary hold on it to prevent any unauthorised use or monetary mischief. Simply login to your Yuh app, head to the Pay tab, then tap Card, then Card Settings, and lock your card.

If you happen to find your card down the back of the couch or hiding underneath the cat, you can easily unlock it in the same way. If you suspect your card has been stolen, while we wait for karma to catch up with the thief, let us know by calling the Customer Care Center on +41 44 825 87 89, so we can commiserate and issue you a new card.

When you order a new physical card, we charge a small fee of 20 CHF.

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