Is Yuh a swiss bank?

Truly a profound spirtual enquiry: what is any of us? Aren’t we all, each and every single one of us, deep within our hearts and souls, a bank? This is indeed a shrewd question for greater and wiser minds than ours.

Okay, enough of the metaphysical stuff. Here’s the deal: Yuh is the result of a joint venture between two renowned Swiss financial institutions: Swissquote and PostFinance. Yuh itself is not a bank. The banking and financial services offered in the Yuh app are provided by Swissquote, which is authorised by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. In this framework, you benefit from all the protections provided by the Swiss banking law and other Swiss financial laws, including the 100’000 CHF protection in case of bankruptcy, and banking secrecy. Our focus is to offer affordable services packed into a convenient mobile app. And also to tell you that we think you’re just great.

How much does Yuh charge in fees?

Yuh charges no fees whenever possible, and low fees when necessary. In all cases, you can rely on full transparency. Check out our pricing list here.

What do I need to open an account?

To open a Yuh account, you must:
– be 18 or older
– reside in one of the countries listed here
– NOT be a “US Person” (citizen or permanent resident of the United States)
– have an ID or passport as well as a proof of residency (utility or mobile bill)
– make a first cash deposit from a bank account held under your name
– find the key to the ancient tomb of Quetzalcoatl by midnight on the next full moon

(That last one’s not actually necessary.)

How can I fund my account?

Jackpot time! You can fund your account via bank transfer using the following details:

Beneficiary Bank: Swissquote Bank
Final Beneficiary: your surname and first name
IBAN: your personal IBAN

You’ll receive an email with your account information during the signup process. You can also find your IBAN in the app under the Account tab.

Where are my funds stored?

In a secret vault hidden deep within the centre of the earth, below the planet’s magma core, accessible only by trained moles who have lava-proof armour – okay, okay, that’s not true. The funds on your Yuh account are deposited at Swissquote Bank Ltd in Switzerland. Your money is legally protected up to 100’000 CHF and you benefit from security of a regulated Swiss bank. Easy.

What is the Yuh Key?

The Yuh Key is a passcode of at least 6 digits that gives you access to your Yuh account.

You set up this passcode during the account opening process. The Yuh Key is not your debit card PIN code.

You are prompted to enter the Yuh Key:

  • to log into your Yuh account for the first time (or on a new device)
  • to make payments through the app
  • for the initial activation of your debit card
  • to display your debit card details
  • when changing sensitive personal information in the app (such as choosing a new debit card PIN number)

After you have linked your device to your account with your Yuh Key, you can simply log into the app by using your preferred unlock method for your device (biometric, pattern, passcode, or other).

I forgot my Yuh Key, what can I do?

Your Yuh Key is a six digit numeric code that you picked when you signed up with us. It’s like your personal password that only you know. It’s super important to keep it safe and secret.

If you don’t remember it please call our customer care center on +41 44 825 87 89. You will be sent a new one-time Yuh Key. You will be then requested to choose a new Yuh Key for security reasons.

How can I add cash to my Yuh account?

Via the PostFinance QR-Generator by going to your local Post office. Follow the steps by clicking onto this link. The only fly in the ointment is that the Post may charge a small fee for this service. You can find the information on the generation of a QR-bill in your app under: Pay > Add funds. The process usually takes one to three days.