How can I create a new saving project?

Ooooh, we’re so excited for you! Head to the Save tab of the Yuh app and click on New project. You can either use our prefilled template to get started quickly or create a new project from scratch to perfectly fit your life goal. You can now save regularly by moving money to your new project at your convenience, or you can choose Autosaving to automatically transfer a set amount daily, weekly or monthly.

How can I stop recurring transfers to a saving project?

Sometimes we need to slow things down for a while and re-route funds to other goals. If you’ve set up Autosaving for a project and want to suspend the recurring transfers, simply select your project in your Save tab, tap the Edit button and disable Autosaving. Transfers will be stopped until you decide to reactivate them.

What happens when I complete a saving project?

Congratulations on achieving your goal! If you activated the Autosaving feature for that project, it will be deactivated and recurring transfers will stop. You can choose to keep saving additional funds, or transfer your savings back to your main account to put your money to work.

How can I close a saving project?

Change of plans? To close a saving project, go to the Save tab in your app, and select the project. Tap the Edit button, and then the trashcan icon. You’ll be asked to confirm your choice. The project will then be deleted and any funds in the project will be transferred back to your main account.

Is it true? There’s interest on my savings?

We swear by the moon and the stars in the sky! The financial world is full of wonders, and interest is definitely one of them. From 1 October 2023, you will receive 1.00% interest on your CHF cash balances and 0.75% on your EUR and USD cash balances. We have removed all caps, so there is absolutely no limit to the interest you can earn.

Interest rates are cumulative. In other words, interest is calculated separately for each currency. Interest is prorated over 365 days and paid annually on 31 December.

When is the interest paid?

The interest rates are cumulative. In other words, interest is calculated separately for each currency (CHF, EUR or USD). Interest is pro-rated across 365 days and is paid annually on 31 December.