Lean, but mighty

Don't be fooled by the tiny name: Yuh is packed with features. The Yuh app was developed by two of Switzerland's leading financial institutions and is the perfect combination of reliability and innovation.

Three strands as one: pay, save, invest

Yuh combines paying, saving and investing in one package. Because payments are a part of daily life. Because saving is a path to achieving dreams. Because the investment world is waiting for you to soar.

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Banking’s little brother, backed by two bigger brothers

Yuh is the brainchild of two of Switzerland's largest banks: PostFinance and Swissquote. The first is an industry flagship, with 2.7 million Swiss customers. The second stands out for its strength in innovation. Experience, daring, technology: these two giants have combined their might to create Yuh.

Swissquote x PostFinance

Innovation and honesty is in our genes

Yuh is an app, but not only that. Yuh is the result of people who work to challenge the restraints of traditional banking. People who believe that, as a customer, you deserve transparency and freedom of choice. Yuh is also a state of mind.

Enjoy all the essentials

Sharing knowledge with the Yuh tribe

Yuh is all about suggestions, not orders - because only you know what you want to do with your money. We provide tools and support to help you manage your finances with ease. We also share ideas and inspiration with YuhLearn, our exclusive content platform.

Swissquote x PostFinance

The world's most innovative online bank

Swissquote has been challenging the code of burdensome banking and tedious trading traditions for 25 years. And this market leader isn’t showing any signs of slowing down as they continue to seek innovative and responsive solutions to meet the needs of financial forward-thinkers. Curiosity, creativity and ingenuity are the hallmarks of a regular day at Swissquote HQ.

Smart Banking - Made for Switzerland

With more than a century of experience, PostFinance is a key figure in the Swiss banking industry. Its close relationship with its customers has enabled it to build a solid reputation. Today, its 2.7 million customers benefit from ingenious, smart and innovative solutions to help them control their finances. PostFinance knows how to anticipate trends and isn’t afraid of change. Because at the end of the day, everyone should enjoy managing their money.

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