Shapers of the app your money was hoping for

Once upon a time, a bunch of folks dreamt of an app that made banking fun. Some first-principles thinking and lots of care pouring after, Yuh was born to bring transparency, ownership and freedom of choice into people’s finances. We called it the post-banking era.

We are the Yuholics…

…and we like to make things that are right up your money’s street. In our opinion, your finances should provide a space for self-growth, dream chasing and harvesting the fruits of your work. For this, we bring together all you need to do with your money into one simple, tech-savvy app.


Yuh’s cast

Get a behind-the-scenes of the team that understood the banking assignment and is pulling off Yuh with epical creativity, breakthrough marketing and joyful boldness.

Markus Schwab

If Yuh were a hearty meal of banking goodness, Markus would be the chef orchestrating behind. If you ever catch him having a faraway look in his eyes, worry not, he’s just daydreaming about coaching some world-renowned football team.

Sonia Milici
Head of Marketing & Sales

Her marketing strategies are as fearless as her advocating for women’s rights and love for the Swiss mountains. Also, she’s the person you want to be with when the waiter brings one single menu: she can read backwards!

José Rosa
Head of Product

Yuh’s trend spotter, he’s the expert on whatever is at the avant-garde of finance, driving Yuh’s product strategy towards the market’s buzz. He is also one of those people with the uncanny ability to read several books in parallel and never mix up the stories.

Diego Bigger
Head of Support Functions

Rumour has it that Diego’s lasagne would make any Italian go starry-eyed. The rest of the time, he manages to make all the yawning work seem fun: legal bits and bobs, Yuh’s finances and HR duties.

IIija Braun
Customer and Business Insights Manager

He is Yuh’s eyes and ears. You’ll find him organizing customer meetups, conducting surveys or collecting feedback that contribute to making yuh-nique improvements. Ilija is also fluent in memes and GIFs, though on some mornings he finds it hard to match his socks.

Elod Balazs-Engelsen
Product Designer

If you ask us, having biked 2’000 km across Europe raising money to support children with cancer is the best CV one could give. In his free time, Elod also curates Yuh to make sure it speaks the language of our Yuhsers’ money.

Laila Bogaert
Brand Marketing Manager

She’s set to bring Yuh into all Swiss smartphones with her head-turning advertising. Also, when she’s not traveling, she’s writing about it on her blog, or fantasising about going on a ski round-the-world-tour.

Alain Greter
Brand Marketing Manager

Before arriving at Yuh, he got a previous job after singing Katy Perry’s "Hot N Cold". Indeed, our feet start boogieing just imagining it. Apart from iconic songs, he also rocks Yuh’s brand and marketing strategies.

Gloria Masala
Digital Marketing Manager

Half Yuh’s social media wizardess, half fashion devotee, she can stop any scroll-happy thumb with her posts and work her magic to closely connect with our Yuhsers. One day, she plans to have her own natural park somewhere in Africa.

Ooh, Yuh just wanna have fu-un!

‘Tis the motto. When we are not brainstorming or drawing crazy schemes on our office windows, you can find us having a spontaneous sundowner, going for a run with the running crew or having team-building sessions where the first person that mentions work pays for the food.

Yuh just wanna have fu-un!

Our do's

  • Celebrate each other’s small victories
  • Challenge traditional banking constraints
  • Organise Secret Santas
  • Have improvised creative meetings
  • Buy emerging crypto
  • Bring what we baked over the weekend
  • Decorate our desks

Our dont's

  • Spoil latest TV show episodes
  • Hustle culture
  • Have meetings that could have been an email
  • Micromanaging
  • Skip dessert
  • Let our interior plants die
  • Use plastic glasses or bottles

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