YuhLearn / Swissqoins

Swissqoin for (not so much) dummies


Yuh is the first money app that shares its revenues with its users. What?! It might sound unorthodox, but we like to do things differently. That’s why we created Swissqoin.

What is Swissqoin (SWQ)?

  • An innovative crypto token, whose value grows every month, as Yuh reinvests part* of its revenue back into it. Because we love to share with our friends.
  • A unique reward program. The more you use the app, the more Swissqoins you get, and the more you benefit from Yuh’s revenue. Easy money.

*The amount reinvested currently represents 0.50 CHF per month and per active client.

Get Swissqoins!

Virtual currencies are on-trend right now. That’s why we made our own, the Swissqoin. And they’re easy to earn – you can top-up your Swissqoins with (almost) every action you do on your account.

  • One time deposit of 500 CHF at the account opening: 500 SWQ
  • Referral*: 500 SWQ
  • Every Yuh Trade: 10 SWQ
  • Every Yuh Mastercard payment: 2 SWQ

* for both Referee and Referrer

What can I do with it?

  • Redeem it for cold, hard cash anytime, by using the "Instant Sale" option in the app.
  • Gift them to any of your friends who are fellow Yuh clients.
  • Hoard it! Hold on to your Swissqoin – its value is expected to increase monthly with Yuh’s revenue.

How much is it worth?

The current instant redemption value per Swissqoin is 0.01 CHF.
This redemption value is recalculated on a monthly basis as Yuh reinvests a portion of its revenues into Swissqoin.


More (geeky) details

Token Issuer: Swissquote Bank Ltd
Token Distribution: 200’000’000 tokens
SWQ price at launch: 0.01 CHF
Reserve account:

  • The reserve account is a pool of CHF which gives the SWQ its primary value. At the launch of the Yuh app, the reserve account will amount to 2’000’000 CHF.
  • With a total of 200’000’000 SWQ available for the distribution, each SWQ will have an initial redemption price (i.e. immediate value) of 0.01 CHF.
  • SWQ Redemption Price = (Reserve Account Balance)/(SWQ Total Supply)
  • Tokens: The Swissqoins are issued in the form of uncertificated securities and are represented by digital tokens recorded on the Ethereum blockchain (the "SWQ Tokens"). Each SWQ Token represents one Swissqoin.
  • ERC-20: Their functions build up on Ethereum's ERC-20 standard. The SWQ Tokens are visible on
  • Smart contract: Solidity. The smart contract address for the SWQ Tokens is 0x2521e19666f4e678ff5af3593c38d3dabd72d4da
  • Decimals: The smart contract makes it possible for the SWQ Tokens to be divided down to 8 decimal places.