Trending Themes is stress-free stock selection for you, the investor. These are portfolios of shares focused on topics that are currently in the public consciousness or ‘on-trend’. If there are certain subjects that pique your interest, you can focus your investments on those.
Experts cherry-pick the best-performing companies, group them into various topics, and present a collection of prêt-à-porter portfolios with high growth potential. There’s something for everyone with trends ranging from environment, lifestyle and health to technology and digital innovation – simply choose the concepts that grab your interest, and go!
Some sooo-hot-right-now trends include:
  • Cannabis: Gasp! What would your mama say?! Well, these days, ‘the Devil’s lettuce’ doesn’t have the bad rep it used to. Now widely-recognised as a beneficial alternative medicine, legalisation of the drug in parts of North America has sparked rapid growth in the industry, with a predicted size of US$154 billion by 2027. Investing in this certificate will get you industry access from early-stage production and distribution to final consumption for personal and medical use. (Weed not supplied, sorry – we just do finance.)
  • Crypto Museli: No, we’re not talking Fortnite V-Bucks here, but virtual currencies that are quickly gaining street cred in the digital economy. With old favourites steadily climbing and new players entering the market, it’s hard to know where best to invest, which is where this diversified portfolio can make things less risky and more frisky.
  • Global Recycling: It may not be glam, but it’s definitely feel-good. ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ is the phrase on everyone’s reusable-straw-drinking lips at the moment, with 7.6 billion of us producing two billion tonnes of waste per year. This theme focuses on the major companies specialising in recycling, waste management, water treatment and other related environmental services. If you fancy sustainable stocks with a side order of self-esteem boost, this portfolio is superb.
And this last certificate is a good place to bring up a concept called ‘Conscious Investing’, where every stock is rated based on the ethical values of their parent company. Their performance, commitment and effectiveness is independently measured across 10 main criteria (emissions, environmental products, human rights, shareholders, etc.), and for investors who are concerned about issues like sustainability, environmental impact and social equity in your day-to-day life, it makes sense that where you put your money should reflect that. Thankfully, a scoring system known as the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) rating makes it straightforward to see who’s an eco-hero and who’s an eco-zero. Conscious Investing and ESG ratings go hand-in-hand with Trending Themes, allowing you the transparency to see who you’re investing in and what they’re all about, while also making it speedy and simple to invest in what interests you – no expertise required.
Here at Yuh, we believe that EVERYONE should be able to invest, and to do so according to their personal values, their goals and their budget – without fear of risk. We’ve got your back so that you can put your money to work like a pro trader. We offer 10 trending themes, with more being added all the time (check the Invest tab in your app!), and they’re constantly optimised to make sure your chosen portfolio is performing at peak potential. Why not give it a try?