One app to pay, save and invest

At Yuh, we believe that it’s your life, your desires, your daring that should shape the way you manage your money. We offer you the opportunity to pay, save and invest with just one app. As easy as pie, but with the secure backing of Switzerland’s leading online banks.

Managing your money has never been so effortless

Yuh is a joint venture of innovation and know-how between two of Switzerland's leading online banks.

Banking has never been so effortless

The sweet spot of spending

Multi-currency account, free debit card delivered to your door, instant payments between app users, and much more: Yuh works hard to make your life easy.

The essentials are free

Dream big

Create your ideal savings plan and let your nest egg grow on your own terms.

The essentials are free
People Yuh Save

Jump in with confidence

You’d like to invest but don’t dare to (yet)? Yuh will help choose the right products for you, with as little risk as possible.

Invest in something new

Does your money want to explore the road less travelled? Then take advantage of Switzerland’s unique offer: direct access to the hottest digital assets!


The more you use the app, the more rewards you get

Receive Swissqoins for (almost) every action you do on your Yuh app and for every payment you make with your debit Mastercard.


Keep a clear eye on your cash

Yuh is committed to price transparency.
Sometimes we don’t charge anything at all.


Download the Yuh app now, and sign up for free!

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