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Google has got all the answers, including to the question about how to pay like a boss! Google Pay allows secure and speedy payments, simply by waving your phone (but not too hard – don’t drop it!). It’s just an easy, contactless and clever way to pay.

How Google Pay perks up your Yuh card

It’s protected by your phone

Each transaction is verified using your PIN, fingerprint or face recognition, keeping your transactions secure and preventing fraud.

You’ll be a state-of-the-art human

Check out in apps and on websites swiftly, privately, 21st-century-like – even offline or in airplane mode.

You pay with no barriers

It’s contactless, requires no cash handling and is PIN-free – no limit applicable. You can even use it with your smartwatch.

It’s safe

Your card information is 100% secure because it isn’t stored on your device or shared when you pay

It’s fast

You pay quickly with the one thing that you have always at hand anyway: your smartphone

It’s instantaneous

Each transaction shows up in your Yuh app in real time so you can keep track of your spending
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How to use
Google Pay with Yuh

Your Yuh Mastercard loves Google Pay and the feeling is mutual. You can easily pair these two sweethearts up on your mobile device.

How to add a card

Still raising an eyebrow in doubt? Ask us about anything that’s keeping you from sleeping at night!

How do I add my card to Google Pay?

The setup is as easy as pie:

Grab your phone and go to your payment methods in Google Play. Tap Add a payment method and choose the payment method you want to add. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

How safe is Google Pay?

Safer than Azkaban! When you make a purchase, Google Pay uses a device-specific number and a unique transaction code. Your full card number is never stored on your device or on Google Servers, and it can’t be shared with merchants. Google Pay doesn’t keep transaction information that can be tied back to you, ensuring all purchases are private.

What devices can I use with Google Pay?

You can use your Android smartphone or smartwatch running the Wear OS software.

Where can I pay with Google Pay?

Where can you not? Use Google Pay wherever you see one of these symbols:

How do I pay in shops? (Google Pay)

Forgetting about touching buttons or handling cash.

In order to perform a transaction, you first need to unlock your phone either by entering your PIN, fingerprint or face recognition. Once your phone is unlocked, you can hold it near the reader and – bada bing – it’s done.

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