Master the art of contactless cool with Pagopace

Yuh’s your go-to when it comes to blending tech with style. We’re currently supporting Pagopace and their payment rings in the colours of the rainbow. Pick them up directly from their website and install them via their app.

Tell me more about payment rings

How can I get a Pagopace payment ring?

You can buy your Pagopace payment ring directly on their website (in German).


How do I set up my Pagopace ring?

Here’s the map to unlock your ring’s powers: Once you’ve received your payment ring, you’ll receive all setup instructions. In short, you’ll need the ring, your smartphone, and the Pagopace app. The app will guide you through the entire setup process. You have the flexibility to pair your ring with either your virtual or physical card. More details are available on the Pagopace website (in German).

If you have any questions, please visit Pagopace’s FAQ section or contact them directly.*

*Please note that Yuh is not responsible for the functionality of Pagopace’s app or website.

Are Pagopace payment rings secure?

Pagopace payment rings use advanced proximity technology to ensure that transactions are only initiated when the ring is within a certain distance of the terminal. In addition, payments require specific hand movements and are encrypted, ensuring maximum security for each transaction.

In the event of loss or theft, you can freeze or block your ring directly from the Pagopace app. You can also freeze the linked card within the Yuh app, which will automatically block your ring.

How do I deactivate my Pagopace payment ring if it’s lost or stolen?

Misplaced your ring of power? Breathe easy! If your futuristic payment accessory for some reason decided to go on an adventure without you, you can immediately deactivate it via the Pagopace app, effectively preventing any unauthorised transactions using the ring.

Alternatively, you can deactivate the linked card associated with your ring in the Yuh app. This action will automatically block all transactions initiated by the ring.

What is the maximum transaction limit for Pagopace payment rings?

Out and about, living your best life with your Pagopace payment ring? You can make contactless transactions of up to CHF 80 without entering a PIN. If you’re going bigger, you must enter your PIN for added security.

If the terminal asks you to insert a physical card, you can easily solve the problem by using your linked card and inserting it. Alternatively, if you have a virtual card, you can use it with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay to complete your transaction seamlessly.

What sizes and designs are available for Pagopace payment rings?

Pagopace rings are the new black in finance! Tailored to fit your unique taste and style, these rings come in an array of sizes, from the petite 5 to the more pronounced 15, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. With widths that vary subtly from 5 to 8 millimeters depending on the model, they’re designed to feel as good as they look. Finishes include silver, ceramic and real wood, with options for polished or matt surfaces. Colours include silver, black, pearl white, pink, hazelnut and oak.

I have an issue with my payment ring. Can you help?

If you have any other inquiries beyond what our FAQ covers, feel free to reach out directly to Pagopace. You can visit their website’s FAQ or contact page (in German) for assistance. Additionally, you can send them an email at

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