Save your bills the drama with eBill

Imagine you’re a bill: you can look as fancy as you want and still no one likes you. No matter how modest, you are a burden and people forget you in a dark corner of the mailbox, until your naughty twin, the reminder, joins you there. Put your bills out of their papery misery – upgrade to eBill.

Why eBill is like therapy for your bills

Yuh Debit Card

It sends your invoices directly to your Yuh app

12 currencies

It provides 100% security in your payment transactions

No fee

It’s free of charge

Your bills deserve some digitalism

By joining eBill, the Swiss digital invoice by SIX, you’ll save precious hours and spread good vibes instead. Receive all your invoices digitally and pay them in a few clicks via the Yuh app. Manage them like a boss e.g. by setting a payment date or choosing automatic approvals.

Multi-currency account

Everyone is using easy-peasy eBill

The numbers speak for themselves: With around 4’500 companies already using eBill, it will be hard NOT to find your invoice issuer. Over 100 Swiss banks are supporting this invoicing service and 2.6 million people are already happy eBill users. Join them now anytime and wherever you want.

Everyone is using eBill

Paper bills are history

There are about 4 million private households in Switzerland. Imagine the amount of paper, if all of them received, let’s say, 3 printed bills a week? You can make your math… eBill is a champ in paper reduction and contributes to decrease the CO2 emissions of invoice processing by up to 10 times.

Paper bills are history

How to use eBill

Log into your Yuh app as usual and go to the "Pay" section. Select eBill and activate the service from there. Then choose the invoice issuers who should start sending you invoices via eBill.


Would you like to test eBill first? That's possible! Visit the demo portal and convince yourself of the advantages of digital invoices.