Yuh Save

Hit a savings high score

You're full of ideas, but don't yet have the resources to carry them out? With Yuh savings plans, you can make your dreams come true. At your own pace, in your own way and with a constant eye on their development.

Why save with Yuh?

Set rules to automate payments or make single deposits.

Got plans ready to roll? Withdraw your money anytime.

Reward yourself for saving with interest on CHF, EUR and USD.


Say hello to interest rates!

Now here’s something that’ll leave your piggy bank in the dust: At the end of each year, Yuh pays you a hefty chunk of interest to reward you for putting money aside. No matter whether your money is stored under Pay or Save in the app, you’ll receive 0.75% on CHF, EUR and USD, pro-rated across the year, for cash assets up to 25’000.- and 0.50% between 25'000.- and 100'000.-.

Saving Project

Set your goal

Design your savings targets according to your wishes. Set the saving amount you want, at the frequency you want.

Set your goal

Keep on track

With Yuh, your savings are your goal, not a distraction. You’ll get regular notifications on your progress, so you can easily keep your eyes on the horizon.

Keep on track

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