The Yuh debit card gives you exactly what you need. As well as making a strong impression with its striking good looks, it also offers plenty of practical benefits. So what are you waiting for? Display our debit card proudly in your wallet and get ready to use it whenever you want. Read on to find out how.

Delivered to your door at no extra cost

Here’s one benefit that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else: your debit card, delivered to you free of charge, with a stylish design that is hard to beat. Why settle for a dull and boring plastic card when you can show off Yuh’s glamourous black sexiness instead…? All you have to do to get hold of one is download the Yuh app and open your account in just a few simple steps. Before you know it, your new debit card will be gliding through your letterbox.

Avoid nasty surprises

The Yuh Mastercard offers plenty of advantages beyond its appearance. Most importantly of all, it allows you to manage your money in a totally transparent way, without any nasty surprises at the end of the month. After all, with a debit card you can only spend what you actually have. This might sound dull, but it will save you so much hassle on shopping trips. This makes it similar to cash, but safer, as the card can simply be cancelled if it is lost or stolen.

The world at your fingertips

One card, one IBAN number, 13 currencies. This might sound complicated, but in fact it couldn’t be simpler. That’s because our main aim is to make your (financial) life easier. Here are two ways we do just that.
Travel: Planning a weekend of retail therapy in London and need some British pounds fast? The currency you need is just a tap away on the Yuh app. If you’re the spontaneous type, you can benefit from a spot exchange rate when you get there without any transaction fees. All you have to pay is the obligatory 0.95% foreign exchange fee – because even living in the moment has its drawbacks. We don’t charge this fee when you take pounds sterling from another account – a past gift from your favourite English aunt, perhaps – and transfer them to your Yuh account.
Online shopping: Looking to buy your new skateboard from an online shop based in the US? The Yuh Mastercard makes this easy too, with instant currency conversions into US dollars (and all of the 13 currencies linked to the Yuh account) at the spot exchange rate (0.95% foreign exchange fee) – and, of course, no transaction fees…
As if that wasn’t enough, you can make contactless purchases up to 80 CHF without having to enter your PIN – easy or what?

Cash – what’s that?

So, as we’ve already mentioned, we can save you from hidden costs and nasty surprises – but only if you stick to a few important rules. For example, if you’re standing in front of an ATM in Barcelona thinking about drawing out cash – don’t! That’s because we have to charge 4.90 CHF for every withdrawal outside of Switzerland. But hey, who needs cash these days? After all, almost every business anywhere in the world accepts cards – including in Barcelona.

Are you ready…

…to spend your money on the things that matter? As you now know, the Yuh debit card won’t cost you a penny. To recap:
  • Transaction fees in the 13 currencies linked to your Yuh account = 0.00 CHF
  • IF, and only if, you don’t already have funds available in the right currency, we charge a foreign exchange fee of 0.95%.
  • This means the card is free for the vast majority of the time (free delivery, no monthly fee, no transaction fees… and to top it all off, you get Swissqoins too! Life is good!)