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Yuh is the first financial app that shares its revenues with its users. What?! It might sound unorthodox, but we like to do things differently. That’s why we created Swissqoin.

What is Swissqoin (SWQ)?

An innovative crypto token, whose value grows every month, as Yuh re-injects part* of its revenue back into it. Because we love to share with our friends.
*The amount re-injected currently represents 0.50 CHF per month and per active client


A unique reward program

The more you use the app, the more Swissqoins you get, and the more you benefit from Yuh’s revenue. Easy money.

Get Swissqoins!

Virtual currencies are on-trend right now. That’s why we made our own, the Swissqoin. And they’re easy to earn – you can top-up your Swissqoins with (almost) every action you do on your account.

One time deposit of
500 CHF at account opening*
500 SWQ
Referral** 500 SWQ
Every Yuh Trade 10 SWQ
Every Yuh
Mastercard payment

* The deposit of 500 CHF must be made in one instalment.

** For both referrer and referee, after the referee makes a first deposit of at least 500 CHF (in a single instalment, at any time after opening the account).

What can I do with it?


Redeem it for cold, hard cash anytime, by using the "Instant Sale" option in the app.

Sell it

Gift them to any of your friends who are fellow Yuh clients.

Hoard it

Hoard it! Hold on to your Swissqoin – its value is expected to increase monthly with Yuh’s revenue.

How much is it worth?

The current instant redemption value per Swissqoin is 0.01031053 CHF.

This redemption value is recalculated every 15th of the month (based on the revenues generated during the previous month), as Yuh reinvests part of its revenues* into Swissqoin.
*The amount reinvested currently represents 0.50 CHF per month and per active client.


Hungry for more details? Download the Whitepaper!

Current price:

SWQ = 0.01031053 CHF

Next funding event: 15.12.2021

Latest funding event

Date: 15.11.2021

Amount credited: 15'286.50 CHF

SWQ value increase: +0.7547%

Since launch (11.05.2021)

Amount credited: 61'723.50 CHF

SWQ value increase: +3.1053%

Brace yourself for a bit of jargon: Swissqoin (SWQ) is a crypto token based on the Ethereum blockchain. In simpler language, it plays a central role in Yuh’s unique reward program, which allows our users to benefit from our success. We will reinvest a portion of our revenue into Swissqoin every month to grow its value.

Well, since they are digital tokens, we're afraid you can't trade it for some magic beans. However, there are many other things you can do with your Swissqoins, and we plan to add more features along the way. At the moment you can:

  • Redeem it for cold hard cash any time, by using the "Instant Sale" option in the app.
  • Gift it to any of your friends who are fellow Yuh customers.
  • Hold on to it, as the value of Swissqoin is expected to increase monthly with Yuh’s revenue. Cha-ching!

No secret quests necessary. Yuh clients receive bonus Swissqoins as rewards when performing certain actions in the app, including:

  • Make a first deposit on your account of at least 500 CHF.
    The deposit of CHF 500 must be made in a single instalment, at any time after the account has been opened.
  • Refer a friend or be referred by a friend.
    The sponsored person must make a deposit of CHF 500 for the referral to become effective. The CHF 500 deposit must be made in a single instalment.
  • Buy or sell any investment product (stocks, cryptos, etc.)
  • Make a transaction with your multi-currency debit card

The SWQ price is determined by two things, the amount of Swissqoins available and the CHF amount of the reserve account.

At the launch, 200’000’000 Swissqoins are available, backed by 2’000’000 CHF on the reserve account. By dividing the latter by the amount of Swissqoins, we get a value of 0.01 CHF.

The price of the SWQ is expected to grow as the reserve account is being funded every month, and as the SWQ available become scarcer.