Investing really can be fun. But first you need to find out what suits you best, just like you would when deciding what sport to play. After all, you can hardly expect to become an Olympic swimmer if you don’t like the water. That’s why it’s so important to pick your preferred investment universe from the vast array of products and possibilities on offer. But which financial investment is right for you?
From the vast array of products and possibilities on offer. But which financial investment is right for you?

The lucky ones

Do you have a Superman comic book from 1938 passed down to you by your grandfather? If the answer is yes, you don’t really need to read on, because you’re one of life’s lucky ones. In 2014, a similar comic book sold at auction for around 2.4 million EUR. There are many other similar examples of investments that all come down to luck. If you are not one of the lucky few, read on for our overview of investments that might suit you. Choose the one that sounds like the best fit so you can start out on your financial adventure full of motivation, peace of mind and success.

The conscientious ones

Investing in equities is a little like having a secure long-term job. Although there is always a risk that something could go wrong, you can go far with a combination of long-term thinking, reliable performance and the patience needed to plan for the future. Anyone who identifies with these character traits is one of the conscientious ones. To check this for yourself, ask yourself: are you well organised, reliable, a forward planner, and someone who works in a structured way with discipline and perseverance? If so, this investment strategy is made for you. After all, anyone who invests in equities needs to think long-term, as this reduces risk to a level you can feel comfortable with. All you need to do (and you will want to do this, too) is read up on the market for your planned investments. Ideally you’ll invest your money once and leave it untouched for some time so it can generate a long-term profit. And remember, the keys to success are careful research + a methodical approach!
The approach to match your style
  • Invest in one of more than 200 selected stocks on Yuh
  • Invest in ETFs with minimal risk and a long-term approach

The committed ones

Following trending themes is a fascinating and meaningful way to invest. To do this successfully, however, you need to be interested in the latest trends and topics and willing to invest in causes that are close to your heart instead of chasing a quick profit. Committed investors go about their task with enthusiasm and passion and have a keen interest in these themes and trends. Do you want to be able to identify with your investment and invest in something that piques your curiosity? Are you interested in how trends evolve and which ones could really take off in the future? If the answer to these questions is yes, we recommend that you choose a theme that matters to you and set an example with your investment. This is all the more important given the extremely attractive possibilities and topics on offer, the calculable risk, and the long-term approach most suited to such an investment. Realise your potential by investing in a theme or trend that reflects your interests!
The approach to match your style
  • Trending themes – a subject of your choice such as vegetarianism, cannabis, LGBT+, etc.
  • Invest sustainably in products with a high ESG score

The sustainable ones

Are you concerned about the future of our planet and keen to invest your money in a sustainable way? If so, we recommend that you invest in a financial product with a good ESG score. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and takes an investor’s ethical and sustainable values into account. The aim of the combined ESG score shown in the Yuh app is to transparently and objectively measure a company’s relative performance, commitment and effectiveness in relation to ten key issues (emissions, environmental product innovations, human rights, shareholders, etc.) based on publicly reported data. At a time when climate change and social and financial injustice are dominating the headlines, ESG criteria are more important than ever for companies and investors alike. They enable you to invest with a clear conscience and make sure that your investments are not at odds with your commitment to the environment and a fairer world. Sustainable investing that helps make the world a better place? That sounds about right.
The approach to match your style
  • Invest sustainably in products with a high ESG score
  • Trending themes – a topic in the area of sustainability like Recycling, Green Hydrogen or Earth Wind and Fire

The practical ones

Do you want the broadest possible portfolio with the lowest possible risk, and all for the least possible amount of effort? If so, you should take a moment to consider ETFs. While these three letters might not sound particularly enticing, they represent the ideal investment for practical thinkers like you. ETFs are suitable for anyone who can imagine setting aside a small amount – from around 50 CHF, say – every month for at least ten years. Sounds great, right? What’s more, ETFs are not fundamentally risky. Although they are ultimately a compromise that can tend towards volatility, the opportunities significantly outweigh the risks in the long term. Slow and steady wins the race!
The approach to match your style
  • Invest in ETFs with manageable risks and long-term returns
  • Trending themes – a great alternative for a diversified portfolio

The visionaries and risk-takers

Are you the kind of person that would take a board out into waves five metres high despite never having surfed before? Is life simply too boring unless your adrenaline levels are being pushed to new heights from one moment to the next? Do you love trying new things, especially those that give you a thrill? And do you believe that every new endeavour has the potential to turn into something big? If you answered yes to all of these, then we would like to introduce you to the world of cryptos – a fantastic universe that has turned the financial sector on its head and revolutionised it in recent years. Yet above all, it is a world for brave souls with a spirit of adventure, as cryptocurrencies are known for their high level of volatility. This means that although you can generate big profits in a short time (Bitcoin, anyone?), prices can also fall again just as quickly (again, Bitcoin, anyone?). The result? High risk, big thrills and a massive adrenaline rush – all the things you love in life.
The approach to match your style
  • A cryptocurrency of your choice
  • Hunting for your own 1938 comic book