Say you wanted to get into the stock market, but the thought of buying at the wrong time and potentially losing money was holding you back. This is where the Dollar «Cost Average» method, often simply called «DCA», comes into play. But what the heck is DCA? Think of it as a kind of savings plan for your investments. Rather than investing a large sum in one go and hoping that you’ve found a good entry point, you instead divide up your funds and put a little bit into your chosen investment each month.

Why is this a good idea?

It’s simple: investing regularly means you will sometimes buy when prices are high and sometimes when they are low. Over time, these differences even out and result in the average price paid for your investment. The cool thing about this approach is it lets you avoid the emotional stress of constantly trying to find the «perfect» time to buy.


With DCA you can play it safe and protect yourself from the vagaries of the market. It’s like an automatic shield for your money. Easy, right? This way, you can look to the future in a more relaxed manner and enjoy regular investments without having to constantly check the stock market news.
😉📈 And for the record, even professional equity traders rarely catch the right entry or exit point. So just sit back and relax.