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Investment has long since outgrown Wall Street and spread across the globe. Yuh believes everyone should be able to invest, according to their values, their budget, their goals – while minimising risk. We're with you so you can put your money to work like a pro.

Why invest with Yuh?

Trade the hottest cryptos, around the clock.

Innovation, ecology, gaming: invest in sectors that spark your interest.

Invest in 200+ trending shares! Go big or start small with fractions.


Blue Chip stocks, handpicked for you

Join the big leagues with Yuh: we offer a broad selection of the most sought-after investment products.

The companies are rated on their environmental and ethical standards, so you can invest consciously.

Once you have selected your favourite stocks, you can buy them in real time, or let Yuh invest automatically at regular intervals of your choosing. So you can just enjoy life while the app works for you.

Multi-currency account

A dream portion in your portfolio

Join the VIP party and become a Google, Amazon or Tesla shareholder with fractional trading! At Yuh, you can trade all products in fractions and invest any amount you like in a share, starting at 25 CHF.

Diversify your portfolio on a budget, plus enjoy buying and selling in real time. Fractional trading: a tasty aperitif to whet your appetite for the big leagues.

Fractional Shares

Bitcoin, Ethereum... + many more!

Cryptos are currently among the hottest-performing asset classes.

Buy, sell or hang on to the most sought-after cryptos. Too excited to sleep? Trade them 24/7.

Easy-access: buy crypto fractions for as little as 25 USD.

Multi-currency account

More baskets to put your eggs in, with our ETFs

ETFs are an easy way to capitalise on the markets while minimising risks. They allow you to invest in baskets covering multiple assets across specific industry sectors, world regions, or commodity markets.

Whether you have an appetite for Swiss companies, American stocks, shares from emerging countries, or are into commodities like gold, our ETF selection is what you are looking for.

The big holiday!

Learn and earn

Step out like a boss! Our crew of experts on YuhLearn share their knowledge and educational materials, enabling you to make your best debut in trading.

Straight Forward Investing

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