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Yuh charges no fees whenever possible, and low fees when necessary. In all cases, you can rely on full transparency. Check out our pricing list here.

Brace yourself for a bit of jargon: Swissqoin (SWQ) is a crypto token based on the Ethereum blockchain. In simpler language, it plays a central role in Yuh’s unique reward program, which allows our users to benefit from our success. We will reinvest 10% of our subscription revenue into Swissqoin every month to grow its value.

No secret quests necessary. Yuh clients receive bonus Swissqoins as rewards when performing certain actions in the app, including:

  • Make a first deposit on your account of at least 500 CHF*
  • Refer a friend or be referred by a friend**
  • Buy or sell any investment product (stocks, cryptos, etc.)
  • Make a transaction with your multi-currency debit card

* The deposit of CHF 500 must be made in a single instalment.

** For both referrer and referee, after the referee makes a first deposit of at least 500 CHF (in a single instalment, at any time after opening the account).

Well, since they are digital tokens, we're afraid you can't trade it for some magic beans. However, there are many other things you can do with your Swissqoins, and we plan to add more features along the way. At the moment you can:

  • Redeem it for cold hard cash any time, by using the "Instant Sale" option in the app.
  • Gift it to any of your friends who are fellow Yuh customers.
  • Hold on to it, as the value of Swissqoin is expected to increase monthly with Yuh’s revenue. Cha-ching! 

On the 15th of every calendar month* the redemption price of the Swissqoin will be recalculated. During this time, the selling of SWQ is disabled in order to reflect this new price.
Don’t worry, it usually only takes a few hours and on top of that you will get better a better redemption price as the value of the SWQ can only increase.

* or on the next business day if it falls on the weekend or a holiday

When you open your Yuh account, your free multi-currency debit Mastercard is sent free of charge to your home.

Raring to go? We understand. First you activate your precious Yuh card in the app. You can immediately change your PIN in the app. Now you're ready for online shopping. Spend wisely. To show off using your beautiful black card, you will need to do your first cash withdrawal or transaction in a shop using a payment terminal that requires entering a PIN code (no contactless payment this time).*

* Warning: In rare cases, some payment terminals do not interrogate your card upon entering your PIN code. With such terminals, the card will not be activated.

Please consult the full pricing table available here. No need to brace yourself - it's all very reasonable.

You don't have to lift a finger; your benefits are automatically applied. When you make any purchase in one of the currencies supported by your account, you will not incur any additional fees. If you already have funds in that currency on your account, the transaction amount will simply be debited from those. Otherwise, the amount will be debited from your most-funded currency by applying the day’s advantageous Yuh exchange rate.

When making purchases in a currency which is NOT included in your Yuh account, we will debit your account in your card's reference currency* and fees will apply (1.5%).

* The card reference currency is determined by your country of residence when you opened the account (for Swiss residents, it is CHF).

The contactless limit is 80 CHF/EUR/USD (or equivalent) of accumulated purchases made without entering your PIN code.

However, from time to time you may be asked to enter your PIN code for purchases under 80 CHF. Not to test your memory (although that's a helpful side effect) ... but for security reasons to help prevent fraud.

You will always need to enter your PIN code for single purchases totalling over 80 CHF.

Additionally, you will need to enter your PIN code:

  • after ten contactless payments in a row, or
  • whenever the cumulative amount of contactless purchases in a row exceeds 500 CHF/EUR/USD. For example, if you have made eight purchases of 50 CHF and then two of 25 CHF using the contactless method, you will not be able to make another contactless purchase of 60 CHF, because the limit of 500 CHF has been reached.

Once you enter your PIN, the limit resets.

Step 1: DON’T PANIC! We’re here for you. If you discover that your card has disappeared or been stolen, you can put a temporary hold on it to prevent any unauthorised use or monetary mischief. Simply login to your Yuh app, head to the Pay tab, then tap Card, then Card Settings, and lock your card.

If you happen to find your card down the back of the couch or hiding underneath the cat, you can easily unlock it in the same way. If you suspect your card has been stolen, while we wait for karma to catch up with the thief, let us know by calling the Customer Care Center on +41 44 825 87 89, so we can commiserate (and issue you a new card).

For all you jet-setters, withdrawals are available in most countries. A fee of 4.90 CHF/USD/EUR or equivalent) in transaction currency applies outside of Switzerland. Withdrawals are not possible in the countries listed below, but you can still use your card to pay at terminals, such as in restaurant and shops.

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Centre African Republic
  • Chad
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Djibouti
  • Eritrea
  • Guinea
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Republic of Congo
  • Somalia
  • South Soudan
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Uganda
  • Yemen

We offer a broad selection of the most sought-after investment products: shares, ETFs, crypto’s or Trending Themes.

Discover all of them here.

We're pretty picky. We've carefully chosen a variety of investment products to cover a broad range of industry sectors and geographical areas, so that you can build a diversified portfolio. We favour stocks with high market capitalisation (blue chips) to ensure a good liquidity of your assets. We do not restrict stocks based on the ethical values of their respective companies, but we provide Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) ratings so you can invest consciously.

Truly a profound spirtual enquiry: what is any of us? Aren't we all, each and every single one of us, deep within our hearts and souls, a bank? This is indeed a shrewd question for greater and wiser minds than ours.

Okay, enough of the metaphysical stuff. Here's the deal: Yuh is the result of a joint venture between two renowned Swiss financial institutions: Swissquote and PostFinance. Yuh itself is not a bank. The banking and financial services offered in the Yuh app are provided by Swissquote, which is authorised by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. In this framework, you benefit from all the protections provided by the Swiss banking law and other Swiss financial laws, including the 100'000 CHF protection in case of bankruptcy, and banking secrecy. Our focus is to offer affordable services packed into a convenient mobile app. And also to tell you that we think you're just great.

First, the short answer: transaction fees are charged for each transaction you make, whereas exchange fees are charged each time you convert one currency to another. If this makes you gasp in horror, take a breath and read on – there’s good news at the end.

Transaction fees are a charge which banks apply each time they process a transaction. Chargeable either as a percentage of the transaction cost or as a fixed amount, often these costs sneak under your radar and you don’t even realise it!

Similarly, exchange fees are a percentage charged by banks when you need to convert one currency into another, such as when you’re abroad or shopping online from outside your home country.

With Yuh, you don’t pay any transaction fees on 13 currencies pre-installed in your account, and our currency exchange rate is only 0.95% … so you can relax and fully concentrate on making the most of your time while abroad. See, we told you there was good news.

Yuh payment cards support 3-D Secure, the internationally-recognised security standard for online payments by card.

Many online stores offer 3-D Secure, and you will be invited to register your card for this functionality upon your first online payment that requires 3-D Secure.

Once you have registered, you will then receive a code via SMS on your mobile phone to authenticate each online payment supporting 3-D Secure.

Wow, we said "3-D Secure" a lot there, didn't we? 3-D Secure.

We hope you're paying attention, there may be a quiz later. When you buy or sell a product, a transaction fee of 0.5% will be applied to your order. Example: if you buy 1'000 CHF of investment products, your fee will be 5 CHF. The minimum fee is 1 CHF. But we like you a lot, and we are not charging any custody fees to store your investments.

Specific investment products such as Trending Themes or ETFs may be subject to additional management fees.

Cryptocurrencies are handled differently. You are charged a 1% transaction fee when buying or selling and you can store them safely on your Yuh account without any custody fees as well.

You already know that we keep our fees low – it's part of the reason you like us. The exchange fee varies depending on the selected currency pairing, but they are generally very low (under 1% of the transaction amount for major currencies). The fee is already included in the exchange rate displayed in the app.

All orders placed while markets are open will be executed immediately. Orders placed during off-hours (nights, weekends and holidays) will be executed on the next working day. They say money never sleeps, but sometimes it does need a rejuvenating power nap.

Accordingly, you will be able to place your orders at any time and they will be executed as follows:

  • Swiss markets: on trading days from 9:10 to 17:20 CET
  • European markets: on trading days from 9:10 to 17:20 CET
  • UK markets: on trading days from 9:10 to 17:20 CET
  • US markets: on trading days from 15:40 to 21:50 CET
  • Themes: on trading days from 9:25 to 17:05 CET

Sounds like someone is vacationing abroad! Yes, you can transfer money into a Swiss account in any of our 13 currencies. And it is free! Say you take a detour to Copenhagen with some friends, for example, and now you owe one of them 100 DKK. Select DKK as your currency when you make your transfer to the Swiss account and call it even in just one click!

The price of investment products bounces around continually like a yo-yo while the markets are open. You will pay the market price at the time of the execution of your order.

If you place your order while markets are closed, the price as they reopen may differ from the price displayed when you made the order. This may result in either a pleasant or an unpleasant surprise, but if you just don’t like surprises, try to place your orders while markets are open!

Whether you are renting a bungalow on the beach or reimbursing a friend abroad, nothing could be easier! With Yuh, you can transfer money in 13 currencies [CHF - USD - EUR - GBP - JPY - AUD - CAD - SEK - HKD - NOK - DKK - AED - SGD] to SEPA* and IBAN countries. All you have to do is enter the bank details of the recipient (BIC and IBAN) and choose the currency. It is as simple as that! Not only that—transfers in euros are free.

* What are the SEPA countries? The Single Euro Payments Area is a pan-European community which aims to make payments in the euro zone as easy and safe as national payments. Here is a list of SEPA countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Vatican City.

At Yuh, we like to offer you low prices. Transfers in euros are free! For the other currencies, a flat rate of 4 CHF is charged. But, there is a "but"... Yuh is not responsible for any fees charged by the receiving bank. A bit of research could help you avoid any additional fees.

Mandatory corporate actions will be applied to your account automatically. Dividends will be credited to your main account. For other corporate actions, our experts will decide the most advantageous choice for you, with a preference for the option that will not negatively impact your balance. Because we like you, and want to make you smile.

No, there is currently no way to transfer securities from other financial institutions to Yuh, or to link your Swissquote or PostFinance account.
However, if you are already a PostFinance or Swissquote client, you benefit from a simplified onboarding process when creating a Yuh account.

Actually, there is no action required from your part: you can have a seat and decide if you want to wait for the common post-spinoff calmness & outperformance. Who said sequels were never any good?

In any case, as investor in the parent company, you will automatically become investor in the subsidiary through the distribution of new shares. However, bear in mind that you will only be able to either hold or sell these new shares (buying is excluded), unless stated otherwise.

Does “T+2 rule” ring a bell? Apart from being an expert in keeping us all on our toes, the T+2 rule (shorthand for “trade date plus two days”) applies when your account has received funds from a currency exchange or the sale of a security. Basically, it’s the financial equivalent of waiting in line at your favourite coffee shop for that long-craved first caffeine dose of the day: you know it’ll come, but it’ll make you wait.

The T+2 rule establishes that profit derived from a currency exchange or the sale of a security must remain in the recipient account for 2 business days before being transferred. This is a standard law applied throughout all financial markets and, you know what they say, patience is a virt… EXCEPT:

Did you know that there’s a way to skip the whole 2-business-day wait part? Simply place a regular transfer and choose at setup the foreign currency in which it should reach the recipient’s account. The exchange will be done automatically by Yuh at the standard rate of 0.95% and at no extra cost. Big problems call for bigger solutions!