You’re the boss of your money

Before, your money did as it pleased. You never knew when it was going and where it had gone! With Yuh, get your finances under control. A free Yuh Mastercard, real-time tracking, multi-currency accounts: everything is done to simplify and shed light on your finances.

Why pay with Yuh?

Yuh Debit Card

Multi-currency Mastercard debit card at 0 CHF, sent free of charge to your home.

12 currencies

13 currencies pre-installed, under one IBAN.

No fee

Faster, private and more convenient than ever with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Multi-currency account

Keep your mind on your guidebook and not your money, thanks to automatic currency conversion costs with no hidden fees. And no matter where you are, shop in person and online with complete clarity over what you’ll pay – whether you already have that currency in your account or not.

Multi-currency account

Governed by safety

You and your money are protected by a triple-locked vault of expertise, security and reliability - powered by Swissquote, Switzerland’s leading online bank, and by PostFinance, one of the country's leading banking institutions.

Swissquote Bank Ltd
Post Finance
Governed by safety

No hidden fees

Forget underhanded charges, account maintenance costs and payment card fees! By signing up with Yuh, you’ll receive a Swiss-based bank account with none of the sneaky stuff.

No hidden fees

Download the Yuh app now, and sign up for free!

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